Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question:
    How many hires will we get?  


    That depends on you. We can only commit to qualified profiles/lists of candidates.

    It depends on your interview process how many of them will get hired.

    We can’t be measured on something we have no control over.

    For example:

    – Candidates taking competitor’s offer due to a long interview process,

    – Candidates turning down the offer as the compensation is too low,

    – Candidates being rejected based on bad attitude during the interview,

    – Candidates being rejected based on last minute change of a job requirements, despite of passing all the interviews

    – Candidates being rejected based on hiring manager’s last minute decision that they don’t need anybody for that particular role,

    – Candidates being rejected due to the fact that the interview scheduling link expired before candidate’s reply, etc. 

  • Question:
    Can you do contingent work?  



  • Question:
    Why don’t you do contingent work? 



    We don’t like to work for free. There are a number of factors we don’t have control over. For example very often single candidate placement takes a few months because of the long recruitment process that most companies have.

  • Question:
    Why can my Recruiters not do what you do? 



    Because your Recruiters need to look after the whole recruitment process: look into internal and external applications, schedule candidates, interview them, follow up with managers, reject candidates, follow up with feedback, attend meetings, etc. Sourcing is a very small part of their job and they don’t have the time for it.