Mark Lundgren

International Recruiter specialized in Talent Sourcing

Sourcing Trainer Agile Sourcing & Recruitment Evangelist

International Experience

A few examples of the type of roles I have supported in my career.

Language Skills

An overview of my language skills.

Sourcing Challenge

My passion project Sourcing Challenge Show.

Technical Sourcing

Examples of my experience and talks I have given on Technical Sourcing

Agile Sourcing Teams

My work over the last years on bringing Agile Methodologies into Sourcing & Recruitment.

Using Video in Email

The work I have done for bringing video into email outreach.

International Experience

I was born in Denmark, where I started my career in an International Student organization doing University recruitment, ending up in a role in Germany and continuing my international journey from there. After my first move in 2004, I have moved countries seven times and worked on several of global recruitment projects for Technology, FMCG, Telecom, and Professional Services companies. For a full list of companies I have worked with please see my LinkedIn profile.

Example Sourcing Projects

  • Chinese Speaking Business Analyst – China (ThoughtWorks)
  • Senior Java Developer (Backend) – London, UK (Anaplan)
  • Services Solution Architect – Copenhagen, Denmark (Microsoft)
  • Remedy ITSM Consultant – Pune, India (BMC Software)
  • Sales Director – Germany (Tenable Cyber Security)
  • Go Developer – Barcelona, Spain (Typeform)


Having grown up in Denmark with a language on 5 million people in the world understands has forced me to take on a few more languages, so other than speaking Danish Natively and at a stretch understanding most of what the Swedes and Norwegians say. I speak German as my 2nd language to a level where I after having spent 2,5 years living and working in Germany throughout my career, was happy to hold a talk in German at a Sourcing Conference in Germany in 2018. English has been my main daily spoken language professionally and privately since 2005.
* My talk (In German) at Sourcing Summit Germany in April 2018 in Munich, Germany on using sales tools and processes in Sourcing & Recruiting.

Technical Sourcing

Over the years of working in technical recruitment and sourcing, my approach and process have changed as I learn and iterate on them. In June 2019, I did a Q&A interview with Amazing Hiring (Technical People Search Tool), who I have been advising for a few years, about how I source and engage Technical Candidates currently. At Sourcing Summit in Amsterdam in 2017, I gave a talk about how I took on the challenge of sourcing Java developers for Anaplan in London 2017
* My talk at Sourcing Summit Europe in October 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands on how I sourced and engaged Java developers for Anaplan in 2017, and how I would change the approach if I had to do the same search again.

Building Agile Recruitment Teams

While at ThoughtWorks in 2018, I successfully helped design and implement agile methodologies in the way the Global Sourcing team I was part of was working. I spoke about this work with my manager at a Sourcing Conference in London, and our story was featured on Social Talent’s blog. Since then I have been an evangelist of using Agile Methodologies in Sourcing and Recruitment Teams by consulting teams on how they can start their transformation journey, recording an online course on Agile Recruiting for Social Talent, and speaking on the topic at conferences.
* My talk with Natalie Glick at Sourcing Summit London in 2018 about the work with had done with Agile Methodologies in the Global Sourcing Team at ThoughtWorks
* My talk on Using Video in Email outreach for recruiters at SourceCon Europe in May 2018 in Budapest, Hungary.

Using Video for Email Outreach

Finding ways to effectively contact candidates and getting as many positive responses from prospective candidates has been a big passion project of mine for years. One of the main tools I have had the best success with has been using videos in my cold outreach emails. I shared my experience with the community in May 2018 at SourceCon Europe.  

Sourcing Challenge

In my spare time as part of my professional curiosity, continued learning, and the wish to share people’s stories with the community, I started an Interview show Sourcing Challenge Show in February 2018, where I interview Sourcers from around the world, and publish these interviews in video format on YouTube and the audio on several podcast channels.

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