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Sourcing Pricing

We offer 2 main types of Sourcing Projects for companies.

Alternative 1
 Sourcing Project (Per role) 

Stage 1 – Identification
Longlist generation of relevant profiles, using different social media channels and including contact details. 
Stage 2 – Engagement
Engagement campaign for passive candidate activation, using the longlist reviewed by you. Reach-out and follow-up, combining different channels until obtaining response, and ensuring candidates are interested.
Stage 3 – Qualification
We do the pitching to the candidates and pre-interviews. We stop when we have at least 3 qualified candidates at the interview stage with your company.

Project period is 6 weeks.

Price: €8,500

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Alternative 2
On-going Sourcing Support  

If your company needs more bespoke talent sourcing assistance, we can make an ongoing sourcing support agreement, with a combination of Full-cycle Sourcing, Identification, Engagement, Advise or Coaching.

Scope of Sourcing Support Project:
– Identification of qualified candidates on defined markets.
– Contact and engagement of interested candidates.
– Pre-Screen including knockout questions and covering salary expectations, relocation questions and potential availability.
– Interview Scheduling
– Offer Preparation 

Proposed Timeline:
Week 1 – Kickoff and calibration of search.
Week 2 – First qualified candidates sent to your interview process
Week 3+ – minimum 3 Qualified candidates sent per week per consultant.   

Price: €750
per consultant per day
(remote or onsite with your company if needed)

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Training Pricing

We run different training offers for corporate teams – Pricing depends on location and type of Training.