We believe that Sourcing is a Specialism in Recruitment, so to help Recruiters, and recruitment Teams of all levels of experience we are offering Talent Sourcing Training.

Types Of Training We Offer

We run different training offers for corporate teams – here is an overview of some of them.

SocialTalent Black Belt in Internet Recruitment

We have partnered with SocialTalent to bring back the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment as a live 1 day corporate training offer for upto 15 people. The last in-person Black Belt Bootcamp was run back in 2016, and we wanted to bring that experience back. VidereRS has worked with Social Talent to update the training to reflect the changes in the industry since then, but keeping the structure and learning goals from the origional Black Belt in Internet Recruitment bootcamp. The Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Bootcamp comprises of some of SocialTalent’s most popular modules peppered with cases and examples from Mark Lundgren’s experience in recruitment and sourcing over the last 19 years from international companies. At the end of the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Bootcamp, your team will have a solid understanding of Boolean Search methods, the most popular sourcing tools will be able to find candidates across a range of online sources, and have a solid plan for how to engage these candidates. After the Bootcamp, the teams will get limited access to SocialTalent’s Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training modules for 3 months and the opportunity to take an exam to become a Sourcing Ninja with your SocialTalent Black Belt Certification.

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Tech Sourcing Corporate Bootcamp North America

We have partnered with Amazing Hiring to offer this exclusive Technical Sourcing Bootcamp in North America. In this Training you will learn how to source and attract technical candidates by enabling you identify potential employees, uncovering information to make your engagement of candidates stronger, and bring the best ideas from the European Technical Talent Sourcing community.

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